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The unique fireplace designs on this site will stimulate your creative juices and open your mind to a realm of infinite possibilities . . . . . to help you discover that special plan or creative idea that is just right for you!

Holiday Decor in Silver & White (Image via popsugar.com)

Your fireplace is the focal point of your room -- whether indoors or out. More importantly, it is the place where you gather with family and friends to celebrate holidays and other happy occasions . . . the place where you create a lifetime of cherished memories!

Library Fireplace by Harrison Design Associates

Extraordinary fireplace pictured above
by Harrison Design Associates

Cutting Edge Fireplace by Attika Feuer

Cutting edge design pictured above by Attika Feuer

Why not infuse it with your unique style and personality to make it truly your own?

Whether you prefer a traditional or non-traditional look,  you will discover an amazing array of unique designs and imaginative ideas to help you put your personal stamp on your fire space.

From rustic to refined . . .

classic to contemporary . . .

country chic to urban sleek . . .

modest to majestic . . .

and minimal to monumental . . .

you are bound to find a look that is perfect for you!

One that complements your architectural style and decor . . .

whether antique or "newtique."

One that reflects your unique personal style . . .

whether old world or new world.

One that adds value to your home and brings years of enjoyment to you and your family as you gather round with friends and loved ones.

Please come aboard and prepare for liftoff. You are about to explore the outer limits of fire space . . . past and present . . . to discover fireplace designs and ideas that are out of this world! (well . . . almost!)

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Featured Fireplace Design . . . Fireside Favorites!
Our featured fireplace design is a single mantel or surround we showcase from our ever-growing list of favorites. These unique creations will inspire and expand your hearth horizons!
Standout Christmas Fireplaces . . . Colonial To Classical!
The Christmas fireplaces featured here showcase a wide array of both architectural AND decorating styles that range from relatively restrained to fabulously festive!
Standout Fireplace Design...Put Some Spark - Or Sparkle - Into It!
A good fireplace design brings a room to life and offers an inviting retreat. No other architectural element adds as much character to a room as a fireplace!
Standout Fireplace Design Ideas . . . Find Your Perfect Match!
Unique fireplace design ideas and photos for nearly every taste and budget, from traditional to contemporary...to cutting edge!
MORE Fireplace Surround Design Ideas!
The fireplace surround design ideas featured in the web pages listed below include a vast array of unique and exciting looks in a broad range of sizes, styles, colors, textures and finishes!
Stone Fireplace Design Ideas to Personalize Your Fire Space!
The fireplace design ideas featured here show a multitude of ways to create a uniquely personal stone hearth for your home that goes beyond merely ordinary . . . to EXTRAORDINARY!
Celebrity Homes Fireplace Designs...A Great Way To Get Inspired!
Viewing celebrity homes fireplace photos is a great way to find inspiration and ideas for your own fireplace design.
Custom Fireplace Designs . . . The Best Of The Best!
The custom fireplace designs featured here reflect the work of some of today's best designers and artisans around the world!
Unique Fireplace Design . . . A World Of Infinite Possibilities!
A unique fireplace design truly sets your home or office apart. See an amazing collection of the most unusual and innovative fireplace designs from around the world!
Focus on Fireplace Photos for Creative and Imaginative Ideas!
View an exciting array of fireplace photos to see the wide and varied range of unique and innovative fireplace products currently available!
Stone Fireplace Designs Guide . . . Standout Stone Hearth Categories!
Our <em>Stone Fireplace Designs Guide</em> is your convenient online resource to a world of exciting possibilities in stone hearth design!
Standout Stone Fireplace Designs...From Rustic To Refined!
Stone fireplace designs -- with their timeless beauty and versatility -- are a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor fire spaces!
Standout Rock Fireplaces - Rustic & Casual! Stone Fireplace Designs Guide
The rustic and casual rock fireplaces featured here include a wide variety of exciting looks in settings ranging from cozy log cabins to monumental mountain lodges!
Standout Formal Fireplace Mantle Designs! Stone Fireplace Designs Guide
The stone fireplace mantle designs shown here range from the hand carved magnificence of an Italian Renaissance reproduction to the bold geometric forms of a sleek contemporary marble surround!
Standout Natural Stone Fireplace Design! Stone Fireplace Designs Guide
Natural stone fireplace design . . . after hundreds of years, man's earliest building material continues to be assembled and arranged into extraordinary fireplace mantels and surrounds!
Standout Stacked Stone Fireplace Designs! Stone Fireplace Designs Guide
A stacked stone fireplace is, for many of us, the ultimate in fireplace surrounds. Carefully crafted by master stone artisans, each design is truly unique and, in many cases, a veritable work of art!
Standout Masonry Fireplace Designs! Stone Fireplace Designs Guide
Masonry fireplace designs are solid and substantial, often with a commanding presence, and will enhance your home's value while providing long-term enjoyment for you and your family!
Standout Stone Corner Fireplaces! Stone Fireplace Designs Guide
Stone corner fireplaces are very popular today. The wide variety of stone types, shapes, sizes, textures and colors provides a virtually infinite number of design options!
Standout Contemporary Fireplace Designs! Stone Fireplace Designs Guide
Stone contemporary fireplace designs are favored for their simplicity and understatement. With clean lines and polished surfaces, they lend an air of sophistication to their surroundings!
Standout Faux Stone Fireplace Designs! Stone Fireplace Designs Guide
Cast or faux stone fireplace designs offer a realistic alternative to natural stone. Advances in mixtures, casting and finishing techniques make it nearly impossible to discern from the real deal!
Standout Manufactured Stone Fireplaces! Stone Fireplace Designs Guide
Manufactured stone fireplaces have come a long way in recent years and are often so realistic in appearance that only the trained eye of a skilled stone artisan can tell the difference!
Standout Stone Outdoor Fireplaces! Stone Fireplace Designs Guide
With today's stone outdoor fireplaces, the nearly limitless array of available stone types, whether natural, manufactured or cast, makes it possible to get the look you want on nearly any budget!
Stone Fire Pit Designs . . . Veritable Works of Art!
The stone fire pit designs featured here are veritable works of art ranging from traditional to contemporary in style. Unique and distinctive, each design bears the stamp of its creator!
Standout Fireplace Mantel Designs...Country Rock To Heavy Metal!
Fireplace mantel designs . . . With so many options, this overview provides a step-by-step guide to help you create a plan that both enhances your room and showcases your unique personality!
Standout Antique Fireplace Mantels . . . Gilded Age Glory!
Stunning antique fireplace mantels in period styles ranging from Gothic and Renaissance Revival to Art Nouveau and Art Deco.
Standout Brick Fireplaces . . . Handcrafted Masterpieces!
When building brick fireplaces, nobody does it better than architectural designer and master artisan, Clay Chapman. His work is -- in a word -- EXTRAORDINARY!
Standout Contemporary Fireplace Designs . . . Mild To Wild!
A multitude of contemporary fireplace looks ranging from simple forms with clean, straight lines to exciting new shapes that are truly unique!
Standout Corner Fireplace Designs!
Our corner fireplace designs encompass a vast array of styles and shapes designed to appeal to a wide and varied range of tastes!
Standout Fireplace Tile Designs . . . Signs Of Their Times!
Beautiful fireplace tile designs have enchanted us for centuries and continue to be reproduced in the same painstaking manner as the originals that inspired them!
The Masonry Fireplace . . . Made To Last!
A masonry fireplace is solid and substantial, with a commanding presence, and can be faced with any finishing material the homeowner wishes!
Wood Fireplace Mantels . . . A Wealth Of Warmth!
Beautifully finished wood fireplace mantels with rich exotic accents make a powerful design statement as they lend warmth and elegance to any room!
Fireplace Mantel Shelves . . . Standout Styles & Profiles!
Fireplace mantel shelves can be crafted in a variety of ways to give a fireplace a wide range of different looks, from rugged and rustic to sleek and chic!
Standout Outdoor Fireplace Designs to Expand Your Living Area!
Outdoor fireplace designs easily and conveniently extend your interior living space without the mess and costs normally associated with home remodeling projects!
Fire Pit Designs to Get Fired Up About...Something for Everyone!
Fire pit designs in an exciting and diverse array of materials and styles have been introduced in recent years. Select from simple and functional designs to sculptural works of art!
Standout Gas Fireplaces . . . Playing With Fire!
Gas fireplaces lead the way in unique and innovative designs, as well as sales. For convenience and versatility, they are hard to beat!
Standout Electric Fireplaces . . . Truly Electrifying!
Today's electric fireplaces have come a long way and are so realistic that it is often difficult to tell them apart from the real deal!
Standout Fireplace Inserts...Don't Give Up Appearance For Performance!
See attractive new fireplace inserts that are not only energy efficient, but designed to complement your existing mantel and surround.
Fireplace Screen Designs To Mesh With Your Decor!
A fireplace screen is a fast, easy and cost effective way to both enhance . . . and personalize . . . your fireplace!
Design a Fireplace that Dazzles with this Helpful Online Resource!
Planning to design a fireplace and looking for ideas that stand out above the rest? This online resource offers a treasure trove of information and photos!
Bring Your Fireplace Plans to Life!
Turn your fireplace plans into reality with this invaluable guide to the work of designers and artisans around the world!
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Standout Fireplace Construction & Design...Books To Spark Your Interest!
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