Christmas Tree and Fireplace
Photos...Cozy & Colorful!

The Christmas tree and fireplace photos featured here range from rugged and rustic to regal and refined.      Whether a simply decorated holiday hideaway or an expertly choreographed suburban extravaganza, each of the Christmas tree and fireplace compositions blends nature, art, and architecture to create a memorable Christmas Holiday setting!

christmas tree and fireplace

Design above by Leanne Michael Interiors

christmas tree and fireplace

The log home fireplace and lighted tree pictured  at  left provides a cozy gath-
ering   place  in  this  holiday  vacation getaway.    A  large  evergreen wreath with  scarlet  ribbon  hangs  above the mantel   of   the   heartwarming  rustic stone fireplace.

A towering Christmas tree is appropriately scaled for the large and imposing river rock and fieldstone fireplace in the log home photo below  from  Roger Wade Studio.    Though restraint was exercised in decorating the fireplace, note  how  the decor on the half log mantel shelf ties in to the decorations on the tree.

christmas tree and fireplace

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christmas tree and fireplace

Much less rustic in appearance  than those  above  are the Christmas tree and fireplace photos that follow. The traditional mantels pictured here  are crafted from wood and painted white. The fireplace and  tree  at  right  are
tied together with a "bird theme."   A collection  of  birdhouses hangs from
the tree while a flock of  penguins  is gathered around the hearth.

The small electric fireplace and surround pictured below  contrasts  sharply with the large, elaborately decorated Christmas tree next to it.    However, the red and gold mantel decor ties it together nicely with the color scheme used for the tree ornaments and garlands.

christmas tree and fireplace

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Christmas Tree and Fireplace Decor by Leanne Michael Interiors

christmas tree and fireplace

The Christmas tree and regal stone mantel and overmantel pictured  at right look as if they are fit for royal-
ty.    Decorated for the holidays by Leanne Michael Interiors of San Die-
go,  California,  the  Italian-inspired holiday  decor  blends  classic   red
and  gold ribbons and beautiful flow-
ers  with  feathers  and  large, con-
temporary Christmas lights.  Anchor-
ing each end of the mantel shelf are  tall topiaries to enhance  the  verti-
cality of the overmantel directly be-
hind them.

Pictured  below  is another striking holiday composition by Leanne Michael. The home's Spanish Country interior design lends  itself  well  to  Leanne's choice  of  materials for holiday decor, including heavy brocade and velvet ribbon, glass balls, silk roses, reddish orange pomegranetes, magnolias and birch branches.

christmas tree and fireplace

And  finally,  since  it is virtually impossible to top the extraordinary holiday decorating style of Leanne Michael,  we'll end this web page with one more of her fabulous designs.    The Christmas tree and fireplace photo that fol-
lows features an "Antique Toy Story" theme.Set in the client's family room, the goal is to create -- on an annual basis -- a special room for the grand-

Each holiday season, Leanne adds new treasure finds to the "story."  Com-
plementing the antique toy story theme, the tree is  decorated  with  hun-
dreds of glass balls in red, blue, green and copper.

The  limestone fireplace mantel and overmantel features double-tiered gar-
lands  encrusted  with glass tree ornaments that match those on the tree. Antique toys and retro strands of lights adorn the mantel  and  overmantel shelves.

christmas tree and fireplace

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christmas tree and fireplace

MORE Christmas Tree and Fireplace Photos -
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christmas tree and fireplace

Extraordinary Christmas Fireplace
Designs...Chic & Unique!

christmas tree and fireplace

Christmas Decorating Fireplace

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