Christmas Fireplace Pictures...
Spruce Up Your Stone Surround!

The Christmas fireplace pictures included here feature a striking variety of mostly rustic stone fireplace surrounds trimmed out for the holidays.  For-
tunately, given the natural beauty of the stone, itself, it doesn't generally require  much  in  the  way  of  seasonal decor to create a festive holiday hearth!

christmas fireplace pictures

Photo Credit (above): Roger Wade Studio

As the focal point of virtually any room, a large stone fireplace has a com-
manding presence. More often than not, when it comes to holiday hearth decor, less is More!

christmas fireplace pictures

For example, the striking but cozy Ad-
irondack Style
stone fireplace pictured at  left  only  requires a few evergreen boughs,  pine  cones  and  candles  to "spruce it up" for the holidays.

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Similarly, the warm and inviting river rock fireplace pictured below is decked out for the holidays with a simple evergreen garland.  Embellished with pine cones,  the garland is elegantly draped over the mantel and down the sides of  the  stone  surround.   A pair of large candle holders anchor it on either end of the mantel shelf, while a basket of boughs rests  on  the  hearth  to complete the holiday composition.

christmas fireplace pictures

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Once again, the two Christmas fireplace pictures that follow feature stone hearths that are simply decorated for the holidays.   Below,  left, is a flag-
stone fireplace photographed by Roger Wade Studio.    Once again, it fea-
tures  a  simple  evergreen garland elegantly draped down the sides of the stone surround. In keeping with the room's Western theme, an assortment of boots -- including cowboy boots -- hang from the garland over the fire-
box opening.     Resting on each end of the mantel shelf is a large red and white tin filled with evergreen boughs.

Though the stone fireplace pictured below right uses minimal seasonal  de-
cor, it evokes the holiday spirit, nevertheless. Resting on the center of the timber mantel shelf is a simple evergreen spray topped  with  a  couple  of large pine cones. Flanking the spray is a pair of wrought metal candle hold-

christmas fireplace pictures
christmas fireplace pictures

Pictured below is another splendid Adirondack Style stone fireplace. Locat-
ed  in  the  lobby and dining area of Whiteface Lodge in Upstate New York, its  massive half log mantel shelf  holds  a  festive  assortment  of  holiday greenery, pine cones and ribbon.

christmas fireplace pictures

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More Christmas Fireplace Pictures

christmas fireplace pictures

The  Christmas fireplace picture   at
right  features an evergreen wreath with white painted pine  cones  and
a  large red bow hanging above the mantel shelf.  An evergreen garland embellished  with  dozens  of candy canes  festoons  the  festive Christ-
mas wreath.

For  those dreaming of a "White Christmas," the elegant design that follows should fill the bill nicely. Large boughs of evergreen -- flocked to match the Christmas tree -- line the mantel shelf.    Centered on the mantel shelf is a large oval mirror with a silver frame.  Arrangements of pale green flowers in silver vases rest among the evergreen boughs. And capping it off are silver candle holders with tapered, gleaming white candles.

christmas fireplace pictures

The broad rustic stone fireplace pictured below features an appropriately scaled, i.e., thick and heavy, evergreen garland adorned with a multitude of white lights running along the top of the mantel.    Though a relatively simple holiday decorating idea, this  massive  stone  surround  practically screams "Happy Holidays!"

christmas fireplace pictures

And  finally,  for those that don't subscribe to the "less is more" philosophy when decorating a stone fireplace for the holiday season and  --  more im-
portantly, have the time and  patience  to  pull  it  off  --  you'd  be  hard  pressed to find a more exuberant and festive decorating scheme than that shown below.   Clearly, a great amount of skill and passion were employed
in the creation of this colorful holiday extravaganza!

christmas fireplace pictures

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christmas fireplace pictures

MORE Christmas Fireplace Pictures -
Cozy and Colorful!

christmas fireplace pictures

Extraordinary Christmas Fireplace
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christmas fireplace pictures

Christmas Decorating Fireplace

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Christmas Fireplace Pictures
Spruce Up Your Stone Surround!

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