Free Standing Fireplace Designs
that Stand Out!

The free standing fireplace has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years . . . . . . .

free standing fireplace

. . . So dramatic, in fact, that many of them don't stand at all!  Rather, they are suspended from the ceiling and, in some instances, rotate with the push of a button so that everyone in the room can view the fire.

free standing fireplaces
freestanding fireplace

free standing fireplaces
freestanding fireplace

As with many of today's contemporary designs, the fireplace has enjoyed
a new freedom from prior design constraints. Modern materials such as re-
ceramic and glass are being incorporated in the designs, often with dramatic effect.

fireplace glass
fireplace glass

fireplace glass
fireplace glass

Abstract and asymmetrical forms are frequently used . . .

free standing fireplaces

as are attention-grabbing patterns and colors.

freestanding fireplace
free standing fireplaces

freestanding fireplace

More Free Standing Fireplaces

On the other hand, some are rectangular and look like a picture frame for a flame . . .

contemporary design fireplace

while others are round and showy, just the same.

freestanding fireplace

Some fit neatly in a corner . . .

while others take center stage.

freestanding fireplace
free standing fireplaces

freestanding fireplace

Some go back to their humble beginnings . . . with a hole in the floor and a hole in the roof,

free standing fireplaces

while others stand proudly as a signed work of art and somewhat aloof.

As you can see, the freestanding fireplace has changed dramatically in recent years and continues to alter our perception of what a fireplace is.  Undoubtedly, this trend will extend into the future.  Stay tuned for more!

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