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Fireside Favorites!

Our featured fireplace design is a single mantel or surround we periodically select from our ever-growing list of favorites to showcase here.    Among the featured selections are outstanding works from lesser known -- albeit highly skilled -- designers and artisans.   Their unique creations will inspire and expand your "hearth horizons!"

fireplace design

 Above: Tile with Style by Motawi Tileworks

Each hearth design is chosen on the basis of one or more of the following attributes:

architectural integrity

exceptional craftsmanship
& attention to detailing

creative use of materials

creative use of color,
texture and finish

historical accuracy and/or

creativity in overall design

innovation and uniqueness


We hope you enjoy our featured favorites as much as we enjoy bringing them to you!

Current Featured Favorite:

More than a century -- and millions of visitors later -- the fireplace pic-
tured below continues to astound us.   A masterpiece of late Victorian-
era design, it is as warm and welcoming as it is monumental . . . more

fireplace design

Featured Design -- Summer, 2012

The featured fireplace surround showcased below is meticulously crafted with seashells from the seashore . . . . . more

fireplace design

Featured Design -- April, 2012

This month's featured fireplace is a finely crafted modern-day interpreta-
tion of a style that captivated much of the world just over a century ago
. . . . . . . more

fireplace design

Featured Design -- March, 2012

fireplace design

This  month's  featured hearth design
is a revival of the  American Arts and Crafts Movement,  or Craftsman Style --  a  style  that  began  in the latter years  of  the  19th  century  and  re-
mained popular into the 1930s.    It is currently  enjoying  an explosive resur-
gence in popularity.

The  most  renowned practitioners of the original American Craftsman Style were  brothers  Charles  (1868-1957) and Henry (1870-1954) Greene. Their architectural firm, Greene and Greene, based  in  Pasadena,   California,   de-
signed  the  legendary  Gamble House (1908), generally  considered  one  of the finest examples of Arts and Crafts residential  architecture  in the United States.

Organic in nature  and  created  to  look  as  "natural"  as  possible,  their  designs  incorporated a variety of natural building materials such as stone and brick. Pictured above, left, is just one of a multitude of fine examples of their work.     Wikipedia sums it up best:  "Their style wedded practical comfort and fine art into a  refined,  crafted masterpiece  in  which  every  detail contributed to the overall subtlety of the work, essentially a master-
piece of design."

It is in the spirit of the Greene brothers that the  fireplace  design  pic-
tured  below  was  created.    Beautifully crafted by North Carolina-based Vesta Masonry Stove, Inc., in collaboration with master stone mason, Bob Neild, it is an extraordinary present-day interpretation of the work of Hen-
ry and Charles Greene!

The  "center"  of  the overall composition is a 42 inch Isokern precast fac-
tory-built modular firebox made of pumice  --  or volcanic rock  --  that is lined with red firebrick on the interior. The exterior is comprised of natural stones of vastly varying sizes and shapes,  interspersed  with  undulating brickwork. To break up the floor-to-ceiling massing, a finely crafted wood mantel shelf and crown moulding echos the detailing of the paneled  wain-
scoting and crown moulding behind it.    All in all, a masterfully conceived
and executed Arts and Crafts design!

fireplace design

Featured Fireplace For March, 2012

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