A Seashell Fireplace Surround
Makes A Big Splash!

The striking seashell fireplace surround showcased here is truly one of  a kind.  Created by Heather Kendall Designs of Tampa, Florida, USA, it fea-
tures  a  variety of seashell types, shapes and sizes in shades of creamy ivory and white. Shells from clams, snails and mussels adorn the fireplace surround. Artfully arranged with painstaking attention to detail, the over-
all composition  --  as well as the firebox, itself  --  is framed by delicate "pearl-like" shells to provide contrast and added visual appeal!

seashell fireplace surround

Elegant seashell fireplace surround, above, about $5,000 USD

With summer just around the corner,  our thoughts turn to the great out-
doors. Romping and relaxing on the beach are hallowed summer traditions
. . . as is splashing or playing in the water.    Swimming,  snorkeling, and strolling  are  just  a handful among a host of beach-related activites we associate with the summer season.

Heather Kendall has cleverly turned her love of the beach into a  thriving business.     Traveling to a variety of shores,  she combs the beaches in search of shells for her unique creations.

Environmentally  conscientious,  Heather  also obtains many of the shells
she incorporates in her designs from the seafood industry.  She does not use shells that are endangered or threatened in her seashell fireplace sur-

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Heather Kendall Designs

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fireplace surround

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