Wood Fireplace Inserts...
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Wood fireplace inserts are designed to enhance the operation and efficiency of an existing wood burning fireplace . . . and they do it very, very well!  Made of cast iron or plate steel with insulated self-cleaning glass doors to provide a view of the fire, they are installed in an existing masonry or factory-built zero clearance wood burning fireplace with a working chimney.

wood fireplace inserts

wood fireplace inserts

Typically,  older fireplaces have efficiency ratings of only five to ten per-
cent,  due  to the open combustion design that permits too much heated room air to be drawn into the fire. As a result, the fire burns too fast and wastes a great deal of energy.

Conversely,  a  wood  fireplace insert is an insulated,  closed-door system that retards the burning rate and increases the temperature of the fire to facilitate  more complete combustion.  In many cases, a wood insert can boost  the  efficiency  rating of an older fireplace to more than  65% . . . up to 80% . . . while generating more heat output.   Additionally, an  EPA-certified  insert  can reduce emissions from wood burning to almost zero.

EPA Guidelines - Wood Burning Efficiency & Safety

wood fireplace inserts
wood fireplace inserts

Wood fireplace inserts  come in a wide range of sizes and should be select-
ed on the basis of the size of the existing opening of your fireplace. To de-
termine  the  correct  size,  measure  the  height,  width and depth of the opening,  as well as the height and width at the rear of the firebox.    Also measure the distance that the hearth extends beyond the front of the fire-
place into the room.

wood fireplace inserts
wood fireplace inserts

Generally,  many  new fireplace inserts require the installation of a stainless steel flue liner inside the existing chimney.  At a minimum, it is important to have a positive seal at the point where the fireplace insert connects to the chimney flue or liner.  This will ensure that room air does not get sucked up the  chimney  along  with fireplace exhaust,  and will help block cold down-
drafts when the fireplace is not in use.

EPA Guidelines - Cleaner Burning Fireplaces

wood fireplace inserts
wood fireplace inserts

The wide range of products on the market today makes it easier than ever before  to  increase  the  efficiency of your existing wood burning fireplace with a fireplace insert.  The installation of a wood fireplace insert can turn an occasional source of warmth into a  convenient and easy-to-use sup- plemental zone heater to help control high home heating costs and protect winter air quality -- both indoors and out.

wood fireplace inserts

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wood fireplace inserts

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wood fireplace inserts

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