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Fireplace Design Ideas, #07 -- Unique Fire Features For Your Back Yard Or Patio!
June 26, 2012


Unique Fire Features For
Your Back Yard Or Patio!

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MAY/JUNE, 2012 -- ISSUE #07

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This issue of our Fireplace Design Ideas e-newsletter profiles three outdoor fire features from the vast and innovative collection of designs by EcoSmart Fire.    Innovative not only in design but in the fuel that fires them, they are:

Simple to Use

Easy to Clean


Fully Portable
(no utility
connection needed)

Safe & Reliable

Vent Free
(no flue needed)

Ideal for Both Indoor &
Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Fueled by bioethanol -- a renewable energy source -- these unique fire features are clean burning and provide heat without any odor, smoke, ash, or spitting embers.    Bioethanol is readily available from numerous online resources,  as  well  as  some of your local fireplace & accessory stores, home & garden centers, and hardware stores.  Depending upon your set-
tings, 5 liters (approx. 1.32 gallons) of bioethanol will generally last from 7 hours (on MAXIMUM setting) to 20 hours (on MINIMUM setting).

EcoSmart is an award-winning brand of The Fire Company, founded in 2002. A pioneer in the international ethanol fireplace industry, The Fire Company paved the way for today's global standards and testing plat-
forms. Based in Australia, the company's innovative and eco-friendly fire features are now available in more than 50 countries around the world.

Pictured below is the EcoSmart Fire Bulb, an attractive, fully portable contemporary design that can be used to illuminate both indoor and out- door settings. Encased in a weather resistant powder coated steel wire frame, EcoSmart's AB3 "Around Burner" produces  a  delightful  dancing flame!

Pictured  at  right and below is the EcoSmart Fire Stix fireplace design -- a striking contemporary twist on the traditional camp fire.   Featuring an elevated 3 liter burner,  this  design derives its visual appeal from a sur-
round of varying-sized tubular stain-
less steel "sticks." The EcoSmart Fire Stix model is available in 3 different finishes  --  brushed stainless steel,
gun metal, and black steel.

The stunning "Chalice of Fire," pictured at top and below, blends the el-
ements of fire and water. Created by Fabric Ten, a design firm based in Kent in South East England,  it features an EcoSmart "Around Burner," which rests upon a custom designed and highly polished stainless steel chalice. Water flowing from the chalice spills into a sandstone pond. At night, carefully positioned lighting enhances this captivating fire and wa-
ter feature!

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