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MARCH, 2012 -- ISSUE #05

This month's Fireplace Design Idea Of The Month features the ex-
tended fireplace mantel, or overmantel, and how to create one for YOUR home. As you will see from the examples pictured here, the addition of
an overmantel will give your fireplace a more commanding presence and ensure its rightful status as THE focal point of your room!

Whether traditional or contemporary in style . . . rustic or refined, an extended fireplace mantel or overmantel can be created to complement the design of your fireplace surround. By incorporating design elements from your existing mantel -- including pilasters, and recessed or raised panels -- your new overmantel will look as if it was part of the original fireplace design.

Pictured at right is a fireplace design crafted by Deep River Partners, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

Note how the overmantel's recessed panels and crown moulding echo that of the fireplace mantel and mantel shelf below it.

The extended fireplace mantel design that follows is by Haynes & Garthwaite Architects, based in Norwich, Vermont, USA. Relatively simple in design, the extended fireplace mantel frames a wall niche that houses a flat screen TV. If you're a do-it-yourselfer, please click here for tips on how to build a wall niche.

The simplicity of the overmantel design, itself, makes it an ideal weekend project for anyone with even the most basic of woodworking skills.   To view a couple of informative "How To" articles about extending your fireplace mantel, please click here and here.

Also, to view a short fireplace extension video, please click here.

If you're not a do-it-yourselfer and don't wish to hire the services of a custom cabinetmaker, maybe one of
the numerous fireplace mantel and overmantel designs from Hazelmere Mantel Company is a good choice for you.

The company offers a wide range of finishes and styles, such as the strik-
ing Arts & Crafts, or Craftsman, de-
sign pictured at right.

The Georgian Style extended fireplace mantel shown here is much more elab-
orate and formal in design than those pictured above. Obviously, due to its complexity,  this  is not a project for do-it-yourselfers  --  unless you're a highly skilled woodworker.   However,
I've included it here as an example of the many possibilities in overmantel design.

The overmantel's fluted pilasters, bro-
ken pediment, and intricate mouldings are in keeping with the elegant mantel directly beneath it,  which  features raised panels and a handcarved frieze. To  see  more elegant Georgian Style fireplace surrounds, please click on the relevant links at the bottom  of  this page.

In stark contrast to the traditional elegance and formality of the fireplace pictured above, right, the extended fireplace mantel that follows is con-
temporary in style. Designed by Rehkamp Larson Architects of Minneapolis, Minnesota, it features simple, clean lines and a natural wood finish.

Departing from the clean, contemporary lines of the fireplace pictured above is the rustic country look below.   Part of a Colorado ranch and retreat, the room that follows was created by the New York City-based design firm of Cullman & Kravis. It features a rugged stone surround and mantel shelf with a rustic wood overmantel designed to "frame" a flat screen TV.

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